Daily Chat Forum No 37 children’s freedom

Should children be left free or controlled? How much freedom and how much control should be given to children? Some parents think that children should be given 100% control; others think they should be given 100% freedom. What do you say?

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  1. Part of raising strong children is being a good example for them. I failed at this. First, I married the wrong person. Second, because of the abuse that went on I became depressed and was not able to function, became uncaring about many things. Today I am depression free and focussing on trying to redevelope a relationship with my children, though my former spouse has tried his best to seperate and control and destroy our lives. It helps to marry the right person. Be careful who you choose to marry.

  2. Though I am not a parent, I grew up with parents who thought it was best to dictate each and every one of my actions because I am the only female, out of their five children. As a result of their attempts at being strict and trying to convince me that they knew who I was and what was best for my life, I became very rebellious, and found myself in some questionable situations and relationships. However, I see my boyfriend’s teenage sisters, who are treated with 100% freedom, and I worry for them. I think some sort of intermediate parents that tempers both control and freedom, focusing on consequence and personal responsibility might be the best way to go. Again, I’m not a parent, but that is how I would try to raise my children, if I ever choose to have them.

  3. We waited to have a child, and then when it was time to try, we waited another two and a half years to conceive. I believe parents have an awesome task in raising a child with integrity, and with wisdom. Too much control vs not enough has been the problem for ages. I believe raising a child is daily. I believe it has to be balanced. My husband and I had prayers said over us that we would have a child. It makes a difference when you can’t have a child. We have trained him in the ways of God, and he is in his thirties. I believe in seeking the wisdom of the Lord, and not being too, harsh or high strung with life, or with the child. Love is discipline, and discipline is training a child in the direction they should go. Teach them from the Bible, and guide them. My child is grown, but he has integrity, and he knows the Lord. He is wise, and teaches. I believe in the goodness of the Lord.

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