Are you on this list? Check!

On the list that follows, you will find the names of the members of the SOLIDARITY BLOGGING SOCIETY. These solidarity bloggers have opted to blog as a team . Team work is a very good way to achieve success in blogging, and, indeed, in life. Working together as team we support one another. When we fall there are team members to lift us up. I thus very warmly congratulate all of us who have accepted to work as team. Just go through the list to see if your name is on it. If it is not and you want to join the team, register in the comment box. Go through the list and check your name.

The Mira Sound Germany team
email: mirasoundgermany(at)

1. faithmillie

2. rosevoc2

3. Celeste Sundragonlady Choi

4. plexius

5. Kim Knight_Author

6. Miracle

7. http://k@countingpenniesandsheep

8. Divisha_rstg

9. watchingthedaisies

10. Angel

11. charizesantiago

12. coldhandswarmheartsblog

13. world4womencom

14. Gnomzee

15. Radically Distinctive

16. sammyjenny

17. K@countingpenniesandsheep

18. boompawolf

19. canterburyconvert

20. helpthyselffaith

21. Brendon Ward

22. Kate Vo

23. erbiage


24. maybeiamsure

25. The Zen Hiker

26. nicolegarbellini

27. Tasha

28. zwesto

29. AlluringEby

30. SpiritualJourney17

31. Majka


33. vidishakaushik

34.Myan Tres

35. Kah Choon

36. Amanda

37. theutopiauniverse

38. Ameena’s Musings

39. jsackmom

40. Jackie Jain

41. manyofus1980

42. meloheart Paramita

43. Katie

44. Miss Kymmie


46. Magy Harfoush

47. georgelizajie

48. Nam H Nguyen

49. quietwoman

50. rubiescorner

51. monik gandhi

52. simplebs1010

53. myblogforlife1
Deirdre Conran

54. Leslie Moon

55. K@countingpenniesandsheep

56. Wivesrepublic

57. mihrank

58. KB Garst

59. Shivangi.

60. Alheri

61. frecklesfromafrica

63. Thinkdigest

64. aleblogs4u

66. kindergartenknowledge

67. Carolina

68. Deanne
Deanne’s World

71. roach59

72. lifehelps

73. zwesto

74. AnecdotesOfSuccess


76. Gradmama2011
(Wonderland Is a State of Mind)

77. jade0207

78. lovehappily

79. Nicole Martin

80. cjstorm

81. Heart of Refuge

82. Tessa



85. Shiva Malekopmath

86. Erika Kind

87. Lean Not Unto My Own Understanding

88. Nena

Yentl Lega | Health + Balance + Beauty

89. sharmishtha basu

90. simpledimple

91. nananettie1969

92. Lifehelps


94. Lavanya
Lavanya’s Blog


96. Carolandsite

97. kindergartenknowledge
Pat Davis


99. watchingthedaisies

100. The Noble Creator

101. True George

102. kwesispeaks


104. Belgian Biblestudents – Belgische Bijbelstudenten

105. thiaBasilia

106. nicolegarbellini

107. HarlemATL

108. Kimberly | My Frugal Farmstead

109. northerninthesouth

110. lemonadeletter

111. Urvi

112. Marcus Ampe

113. Joe Rogers

114. boompawolf
Joe Rogers

115. Peaceful Journey


117. Belgian Biblestudents – Belgische Bijbelstudenten

118. mkvecchitto
11 hoursSteps Times Two

119. everythinginhereyes
Aniket S. Khariwale.

120. graphicsofwisdom

121. ddr_74
Smores and Sundresses

122. ngwafannyran
Gist Must Spread

123. TheLivingMe
The Living Me

124. Someone
The Empire of Good

125. cinnamon4789

126. lazyhaze

127. imnotsurebut
Colette Merrill

The Rebel Yellers
129. Zaiyd

130. Biljana Hutchinson
Biljana Hutchinson
email is:
I write about the trauma I went through and my healing process, what is it like to be a parent in the whole healing process; about books, food, some recipes and random thoughts:) – doing my best to keep it positive. This is a wonderful idea and opportunity and thank you for both:

131. Someone
crystal amay .

132. My Heart Your Shelter
My Heart Your Shelter

133. flyingcolours603
My blog name is

134. Upasana

135. Idle Muser

136. Jenita.

137. Amulya_Writes

138. Macbofisbil
Mac’s World

139. Bhuvana
Positive Ponders

140. teaismyjam

141. Zia Jane
My Lost Thoughts

142. OutCST community

143. Fabio Descalzi
El blog de Fabio
My name is Fabio Descalzi, I am from Montevideo, Uruguay. My blog is written in Spanish and it mainly deals with literature and translation:
Glad to join!

144. carmelasnelbaker
Carmela Snelbaker
Hello, My name is Carmela Snelbaker
My blog shares experiences and lessons that I have learned from others that has given me Wisdom for my ongoing journey through life.

145. amileinmyshoes

146. spiritualmusingblog
I am in. My name is Arjun. I will be blogging on self help topics, nature and some spiritual tips. I would like to spread peace through my writing.
I blog here:

147. 167. miralianna

148. arjun_shivaram
Name: Arjun Shivaram
Blog name: Arjun Shivaram
Blog URL:
DoB: 29-Jun

149. Roberta Pimentel
Roberta Pimentel
Blog address:

150. Creativitopia

151. Angel Strunk
Hi! My name is Angel, also know as The Curvy Ginger.
I blog at

152. Someone

153. Sascha Darlington
Sascha Darlington’s Microcosm Explored

154. Brendon Ward
Brendon Ward
20 January

155. Keith Haney
The Light Breaks Through

156. Nam H Nguyen
Reality Through Fiction

157. michaeljfite
Michael J. Fite

158. clceline9345

159. mohitgrwl70

160. werejohn

161. imnotsurebut
cm writes

162. lipstick&miracles

163. eshinalidoreen

164. askriverbed
Sharon Cosgrove

165. Ranjeeta Nath Ghai
Name:- Ranjeeta Nath Ghai
Blog site:- atrangizindagieksafar

166. The Showers of Blessing

167. nathaswami

168. Ranjeeta nath ghai

169. Dhaval Gohel

170. Sashsa

171. Dare To Be

172. artistmikaelavatar
artist mikael avatar

173. Nezel Yurong
Purposive Writer

174. Just-Write
Name: Sobia

Sweet Sana
http://Www.sanathoughts1517.wordpress. com

176. Maddy at Home

177. Suze
Obsolete Childhood

178. sleepybats

179. Yoshiko

180. Someone

181. Sasha

182. unexpectedincommonhours
Unexpected in common hours

183. breathingpark

184. Richard Rensberry,

185. doodlestuffs

Pursuing Balance in All Things

187. grannnies
Grannies Cool Attic
Name: Pam

188. purelandsutras
Pure Land Sutras

189. Simply-Me

190. My name is Zee

191. ladycee
Purpose-driven achiever

192. Uttley
swee ditty
Eugene Uttley
Blog name: wee ditty

193. Vickie Pearlz
Vickie’s Corner

194. Disha Sharma


196. Marc and Ann
A Coffee with Friends
Ann Hall

197. Nat
Nov. 16

198. Dehan Taylor
Dec. 15

199. Shattered in Him

200. suregirl69p
Brigitte Guy

201. jessc25
Diary of fantastic discoveries

202. Crystaleyes20

203. M.Gin
WRITE. Because…

204. thehautetopicblog

205. Sakhi

206. ashleycarteryog
Ashley Carter ~ OM YOGA

207. Sakhi Bansal

208. OneAndNone

209. Habiba

210. TheOriginalPhoenix
Confessions of a Reborn Girl

211. confessionsofareborngirl
My username: TheOriginalPhoenix
blog URL:

212. wormalblog

213. geminilvr
And then there was one

214. onelovesongadayforher

215. Joe Owens
Joe’s Musings

216. uyjewelry

217. creativeworldm
Let it be beautiful

218. dilkiaawazsunoblog

Thank you!

If your name is not on this list, do not worry. Registration is still going on. Register in the comment box. You may like to precise whether you are registering in the Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum or in the Success-in-blogging Club. The two are twins but each have their identity.

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200 thoughts on “Are you on this list? Check!

  1. I am on the list. Lately I have been extra busy. I don’t write as much when I have other things to get done at home. I will be busier this week, and for three weeks ahead. I will continue writing. I enjoy being in a team of happy writers.

  2. Hi. I try to encourage others in my writing communities because I see it as such a lonely pursuit. I would love to be part of this!

  3. “God has to work in the soul in secret and in darkness because if we fully knew what was happening, and what Mystery, transformation, God and Grace will eventually ask of us, we would either try to take charge or stop the whole process.”
    “In the twilight of life, God will not judge us on our earthly possessions and human successes, but on how well we have loved.”
    ~ John of the Cross

  4. I am inspired by this group of lovely people! I’m a yogi (and yoga instructor) and I would love to learn and share with all these wonderful people if you’ll have me! My blog is mostly centralized around my yogic path, but I do share other things too when inspired.

  5. Hi I am new to blogging My name is Pam I do hand made crafts, I plane to blog about crafts, family, life experiences with some fun with it. https://
    along with antiques and collectibles

  6. Hello, we noticed the Begian Biblestudents are mentioned twice but no link to their website is present: The Biblescholars their website is We also are pleased to find you as an author on our site, which is also not mentioned in the list:

    We also keep an eye to the enlisted bloggers in the hope also to find some to promote at our site.

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  8. Good day!
    I believe I already have expressed my intentions of joining with this community, perhaps a month ago? Couldn’t find my name. I just failed to send an email. Will be sending one now.
    My blog is It’s about finding purpose in life and strengthening the spiritual journey.
    Would be so glad to be included here. 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for leading the team-building! I would love to be included and will give it my best shot. My blog is evolving into a mission of “inoculating our newborns with authenticity and kindness”. (Thanks to @lazyhaze for the conversation that spawned that phrase!) <3 Mira

  10. Ngobesing – Love your goal of inspiring others and creating space dedicated to support and encouragement. We are kindred spirits 🙂 May I join with you in this noble effort? I am Sharon Cosgrove and my blog is dedicated to 1. helping authors strengthen their writing technique ( ; 2. creative expression (; and 3. hope. Let me know if you need anything more from me! Thanks so much!

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  12. What is the “101 day of Solidarity Support Challenge” exactly and where is your “search” bar? (Are we looking over it? – On July the 9th we could not see it.)

    At our website not so much is published. You will not find every day a writing, but that does not mean we are less interested to bring the message of peace to all spread over the world.

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