Solidarity Support Challenge day 101


We have hit one hundred days of journeying in this challenge. Our joy overflows. Thank you for making this challenge such a success. More and more people are coming on board. Success can never be hidden. Success brings more success. You will see that as we journey on, more and more people will join us. Be confident of the future; and shun anything discouraging. Below you will find our bloggers of the day. Visit their blogs; like their posts and comment.

This challenge is for both Solidarity bloggers and members of the Success-in-blogging Club. You are all welcome!

1. faithmillie

2. rosevoc2

The list of those who can participate in this challenge is found here though you can still register and start participating. Indicate in the comment box if you want to join either the forum or the club.

3 thoughts on “Solidarity Support Challenge day 101

  1. Please just explain the challenge in more details, like are there any rules because I have been trying to find something about it. I have checked out the Bloggers of the Day, definitely a good way to support each other and get to know more bloggers and their material. Is there more to do like writing a post for a specific thing?

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