Hasty hasty

At one time I talked about hasty decisions;
At another I talked about hasty conclusions;
The one thing that is common here is hasty;
Watch out not to fall into the hasty trap;
Many people fall into this trap;
They take hasty decisions;
Or draw hasty conclusions;
None of the two is advisable;
Many have suffered in life for being hasty;
So my advise and I say so very strongly,
Avoid being hasty;
Avoid doing things hastily.
Avoid hasty decisions, hasty conclusions.

3 thoughts on “Hasty hasty

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  2. Short Cuts tend to get short cut results. Beware of the person whom is watching their biological clock and want children and to be married. This person may truly not want you but you will do for now. The heartache, the pain and suffering that comes after. The energy that is put into planning a wedding. The endless hours spent. The focus and money thrown into a bottomless pit. How the same focus and energy is not placed into the marriage or relationship. The hasty decisions that come after. How a person can find happiness with another, for years and let two weeks of pain breakup a so called happy home. A life with anyone that make hasty decisions and take short cuts is a warning sign for a smart person to go the other way. In fact, they should not run but sprint in the opposite direction without an explanation.

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