Daily Chat Forum No 39 Good and Evil in conflict

Good and Evil in conflict but who will prevail?
Good and Evil are opposites;
Good and Evil will never meet;
Good and Evil are staunch enemies;
Good and Evil are like light and darkness;
Good and Evil may fight but good will prevail.
Still I am waiting for someone to tell me:
Why is there so much evil in the world?
How do we eradicate it?
Let’s talk.


9 thoughts on “Daily Chat Forum No 39 Good and Evil in conflict

  1. You might as well ask how do we eliminate “Yang” while keeping “Ying”. You cannot have one without the other. We must have choice. We can choose good or we can choose evil. If we have no choice, we have neither.

  2. If there will be no darkness.
    None would value the bright sunrises.
    Good and evil.. are the two truths of life. No matter how black the darkness look. The bright days will surely find their way to lighten up the world.
    Enough of the evil mourns. Now its time for the goods to roar !!
    The time is in the near future.. when the goods will prevail AGAIN.

  3. You are right, Good and Evil will fight but good will prevail. As people we don’t wait for the right time to get what we want the right way because we are impatient. Lots have lost the essence of the virtues we should be practising. Most of all, to eradicate evil each should be doing this, “Love your neighbour as yourself.”

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