My love promise to you

If you tell me you love me,
I’ll make a love promise to you;
I want you to know
I think of you always;
My heart burns for you;
My heart yearns for you;
My heart is thirsty for you;
Ever since I set eyes on you,
You have never left my mind;
You dwell in my heart;
I think of you always;
Do you ever think of me?
Do I have a place in your heart
As you have in mine?
Tell me that you love me;
That my heart may glow with joy;
I dream of you in my sleep;
And see you in my arms;
And I press you tight on my chest;
And like it;
And what’s sweet,
I see you like it too;
I am happy that you like it too;
I like it and you like it;
It means you love me as I love you;
Isn’t that sweet?
I feel a fire burning in my heart
For you;
Do you feel this fire burning in your heart
For me?
Hold me firm on your chest for ever if you do;
And never leave me;
Can’t you see I am mad about you?
Who can ever love you as I do?
Tell me that you shall be mine for ever;
I promise I will never hurt you;
I will only fill your heart with love;
That is my love promise to you.

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