Pull no one down

Amulya of Amulya Writes says “No one can get successful by puling someone down.” Although I have expressed this same thought many times before, when I read this as a comment on my site by Amulya, I felt immediately inspired to write the following poem:


Do not pull anyone down;
It doesn’t help you in any way;
It may in fact, rather, hurt you;
You don’t succeed by pulling
Another down;
Instead you may sink a little
Deeper into mud
When you pull someone down;
The hole you dig for your enemy
To fall in
May be the hole in which you fall;
Don’t pull anyone down;
Instead lift all you meet;
Each time you lift someone up,
You become taller yourself.

I thank Amulya for inspiring me to write this poem. I invite you to visit this sweetie at Amulya Writes and discover her inspirational talent.

13 thoughts on “Pull no one down

    • Thanks for the compliment. I am happy you see that in me. I believe in telling people when you find a strength in them. It can help them do better; and my mission is to help people do better. I left my email. Pls let’s meet and chat.

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