Solidarity Support Challenge day 103


We are delighted to announce the merging of Blogger’s Solidarity Support Challenge and Success-in-blogging Club to form Solidarity Blogging Society.

The main activity of this society for now is the Solidarity Support Challenge. This means everyday we shall list two bloggers of the day and all the participants will visit them, like and comment. Two blogs is definitely not too much so we believe all the participants will be at home with this.

Let us take note that what we give to others in this challenge will come back to us when our turn comes. That is where the solidarity comes in. This activity is very enjoyable if all concerned are committed and faithful so that people do not give to us and when their turn comes we do not give to them.

The bloggers for today are:

5. Kim Knight_Author

6. Miracle

For the participants in this challenge check here:

Happy blogging!

7 thoughts on “Solidarity Support Challenge day 103

  1. Miracle and I became blog buddies a couple of weeks back… She has started some fun “writing” challenges!

    Just touched Base with Kim on 7/5/16, we connected, have commented back an forth- Good stuff.. 🙂

    Glad to be doing this. Thank you so very much.

    Kind Regards and Sunshine – K

  2. I have contacted three blogs at least. My time has been spent elsewhere for good reason. I came home, cooked supper, and started catching up on the blog. I have enjoyed visiting other blogs. They are good writers, and the blogs I have visited are neat, orderly, and beckoning for others to read them. That is all very good. Have a good day.

  3. I want to say this has been good for me to go see two bloggers I have not met. I left short comments, and I love their style of writing. It is interesting what each one of us is doing with our blogs.

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