Why are we killing?

If you read Is autonomy the answer by Purposive Writer, you will understand what moved me to write this poem titled:

Why are we killing others?

Why are we killing ourselves?
Why are we killing others?
Why are others killing us?
What type of hearts do we have?
Are they stone hearts or human hearts?
How do we feel when we kill another
Human being like us?
Why have we built barriers among us?
Why is geography separating us?
Why is religion making us kill?
Is a human being not a human being?
Why are some people making the world
Such a hell for others?
Why are some people forcing others
To live in permanent fear and uncertainty;
Why? Who can tell me why?
How can I hold my tears when I think that
Somewhere in the world at this moment
Someone is dying innocently in the hands
Of evil men?
Why are we killing?
Why are we killing others?
Why so much wickedness?

If you haven’t read Is autonomy the answer, please do.

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12 thoughts on “Why are we killing?

  1. Humans were created good but fell into sin by choosing to disobey God. Now there is wickedness (I.e. killing) in the world. Jesus came to forgive and save us from our sin and misery. We can be made new by his Spirit and learn to live in love!

  2. Thank you so much for this Sir Ngobesing. I’m afraid we could not find the answers to all the questions regarding the wickedness that grips our world. But we have the power to start a spiritual revolution/mind revolution/love revolution, anything that makes any human being feel important. What you have here is the start of it. In our own little way, deliberately we may spread healing into this world. We may not witness the positive effect it would have in our lifetime, at least we started something. God bless us.

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  4. I find mind to be the biggest culprit for all the happenings around the world. We as humans, the most intellectual creations of the almighty have been victim of prejudices and ignorance. Ours minds aren’t flexible enough to accept certain things and question what is laid as facts before us. We have ended up becoming puppets to our own mind, which is driving us towards the hell of becoming cannibals and killing fellow humans for no reason. I feel when the mind is set right everything will fall into place. Today’s world is in serious need of understanding their psyche and mental strength to differentiate between right and wrong.

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