What has caught your attention 2

Read this letter by a mother to her daughter and tell me if anything has caught your attention.

My dear daughter,
Accept love from your mother. I am delighted to write to you as school starts today. I am far away but with you in spirit.

For two months, you shall be in the hands of your teachers. Their mission is to mold you for an excellent life.

You shall have different kinds of teachers. Some will be very good ; but not all. You may have unscrupulous ones among them who will see nothing wrong in exploiting and destroying you. You must be very careful and vigilant not to fall into their evil trap.

Let you focus be your studies and nothing but your studies. Do not forget your prayers. I am confident that with your sound upbringing you will sail through successfully.

Bye for now!
With lots of love from
Your mother.

Has anything caught your attention in this letter? What is it? What advice would you give to this girl?

5 thoughts on “What has caught your attention 2

  1. The thing that caught my attention was the love, care and a hope of a mother for her daughter’s bright life.
    Parents are a blessing.. they’re the Guardian that Almighty chose for us. And they play their role well.
    Its our misfortune that we tend to undervalue their love and sacrifices that they made for us.

  2. The mother is still holding onto her own bad experiences. I would tell her daughter to enjoy learning and the wonderful teachers in her school. If she has any worries about anything to tell her mum.

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