Never regret doing it

We only regret what we have not done because  we didn’t try to do it and henceforth, we would never know the outcome of what it would have been or how it felt like.

From the mistakes we make/made, we come to know our close ones, those who don’t really care and those we really don’t care about, those we will always care for and those who will always be there for us.

Today I can say I’m bold because I’m opening myself to the outside world, not being scared of being judged or maybe regretting why I didn’t take this opportunity. I will take the risk, overcome the struggles and come out victorious. May you all get a chance to grab your opportunities and never regret doing it.

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11 thoughts on “Never regret doing it

  1. Yea, I regret that I did not give a man I met 26 years ago much of a chance. He was really hurt by that and now I cant find him. I’ll never know what might have happened between us because I was too afraid to try.

  2. Lovely post indeed, I support the point you make. You cannot know what you can do until you try. If you try and it doesn’t work, get the lesson it teaches and move on. Thanks for writing this lovely post. You can always indicate at the end of your post that the writer is an author on this blog and if you want to read more of her writings, visit her site at….

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