Indians are so talented

Do you know Indians?
Indians are so talented;
I deal with Indians always on the web;
And what they do marvels me;
Indians are so talented and so loving;
Many sweet Indian friends I have;
And all so kind and sweet;
My love to all my Indian friends;
My love to all Indians wherever they are;
Keep on shining and keep on being nice;
The world needs what you Indians offer;
Your girls and your women are so beautiful;
And your men are so handsome too;
You sing like nightingales;
Oh, sweet Indians!
You are so talented

Inspiration was drawn from a comment on my site by a talented young Indian girl Apeksha Rai. If you have not read her interview, please do. Visit her site and you will love what she is doing.

45 thoughts on “Indians are so talented

  1. A piece of writing that’s going to make you smile no matter what mood you are in. Thank you sir for the kind and humble description. I’m glad I stumbled across this post and crossed paths with you. And Apeksha , that’s a brilliant interview. Loved to read about you. 🙂

  2. It’s really an honor to know people who love people without any discrimination of geographocal boundaries. You are one of them. Feeling happy to know you.


  3. Hello everyone !
    I find difficulty in spreading my words to all as am new here.
    Since I’m an Indian and this post is meant for Indians. I’m sure, I can mingle with lots of Indians here.

    I’m running #MiracleChallenge in WordPress to write poems and stories using various prompts. Here is the link for
    “MiracleChallenge Week – 4” dated 5th July, 2016 –  in my blog. If you feel inspiring, you can join us anytime.

    Few are already participating. But there is not a single Indian in my #MiracleChallenge. So, I request you all to go through my blog for latest writing prompts which will be posted on every Tuesdays.

    Have a good day !
    Miracle 🙂

    • Happy to hear that. When I was a kid, going to the cinema was a great pastime for many people; and Indian films were among the best loved. Indian love films have always thrilled me. The singing is wonderful.

      • Oh ! That’s amazing even though I feel surprised. I love to hear your childhood stories, Sir. So, you have grown up watching Indian movies. Yes! That’s true the music is good here especially melody types. Which movies you have watched? Do you remember now ? I guess the name might have been changed in dubbing version.

  4. Glad to know that you love the Indians so much. I read the interview. It’s very nice and Apeksha is a very talented girl. And Talents are not only in India, but it’s widespread as Amulya said in previous comment.

    • That is right. It’s that when we find some talents in people often we generalize. For instance, you’ll hear someone say Brazilians are great footballers; but not all Brazilians play football. Only some do play well. Truly, there are talents everywhere. There is beauty everywhere. There are kind people everywhere. Let’s encourage it wherever we see it..

      • Really Sir.
        Its very joyous to see You praising Indians. Well, no matter what country people belong. They’re all same in a way or two.
        Talent is widespread. Everyone have a talent. ❤ feeling proud. ❤

        • You are right. Talents are eveywhere. Some are more talented in certain areas than other because of maybe background. In my country there are some tribes that are great in business; others are great singers. others are great in football. Of course, many Indian girls like you, Apeksha, Nimmi, Sakshi, Sharmishtha etc. are just so beautiful. Others are, of course; but the rays of light, I turned on you.

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