Daily Chat Forum No 41people who look alike

There are some countries whose citizens all look very much alike. One person looks like the other. In other words, they all resemble each other. I wonder if they look alike only to me or to other people. I have always asked myself why they resemble so much.
This has prompted me to write this poem titled They all look alike.:

They all look alike;
How amazing!
One whole country;
With millions of people;
They all resemble each other;
I can’t comprehend;
One person looks like the other;
And you can hardly say who is who;
And one whole country like that;
Who can tell me why this is so;
A looks like B;
B looks like A.
And this does not happen
Just in one country;
In many countries, they look alike.
Tell me;
Why is this so?
Do you know any country whose people
Look alike to you?


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