Feel your Success

I feel like dancing,

So I am dancing,

In the National Ballet.

I feel like singing,

So I am singing,

In the Olympic Choir.

I feel like playing tennis,

So I am playing tennis,

At Wimbledon TC.

I feel like drawing,

So I am drawing,

Designs for sustainable living.

I feel like directing TV fairer for diversity,

So I am directing,

On National Television.

I feel like solving some equations,

So I am solving equations,

At the Bank of England.

I feel like making the country better,

So I am making the country better,

As Prime Minister.

I feel like  writing,

So I am writing,

As an author with worldwide readers.

I feel like we all start with a dream,

So we visualise and work hard,

Success comes with favour and blessings.


Written by Susanna Dziworshie,  Author on Success Inspirer’s World

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13 thoughts on “Feel your Success

  1. not generous!! Genuine!! 🙂
    K speaks her mind.. and now she is speaking in the third person. which means she has been on the computer way too long..

    Definitely loved it!!

    Kind Regards and giving credit where credit is due…- K
    (Of the Black Wall Blog and Writer on Success Inspirer’s World)

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