Mother’s Tears

We dream of you while in the womb
Seeing you can’t be too soon
We change our diets and start to rest
For you we want the very best
We hold our tummies and start to sing
For you– the best of everything
You take one step and then fall down
We rush to pick you off the ground
To school you go and we are sad
Counting the hours- feeling bad
Keeping busy for a little while
Until we see that funny smile
We blink and suddenly you are grown
Go to College, Oh Please Stay Home
Schooling, working, Living, Love
We pray for blessings from Above
We hold our tummies as you fall
We die first – not you all
We are wailing we are keening
You are gone but we are breathing
With all the sorrow and the pain
Mothers everywhere feel the same
Shot down is down whether right or wrong
This is every Mother’s song
Whether boy or whether girl
Mothers are crying all over the World
End the Violence


10 thoughts on “Mother’s Tears

  1. The ending surprised me. Overall that is such a beautiful poem about raising children that applies to mothers and/or parents everywhere. The reality that so many mother’s loose their children to an act of violence is sad.

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