Young at Heart…Prompt

Beauty surrounds us    

And comes from

       Places we never

        Could suspect

             Might it be

               A personality

                 Of someone, we

                 Only have just met?

                     Or perhaps some

                      Vibrant colored blooms

                         Planted in

                         An imaginative place?

                             It matters not

                              Where it’s found.


Compliments of K’s daughter 

              It’s that

                              Feeling of

                                              Childlike exuberance

                                                  Of an unexpected

                                                  Discovery, A

                                         Warm embrace

                                          Like explosion 

                                          That awakens

                                   And trickles 

                                 to our  Soul

                         If we are

                        Young enough

                At heart to

                Be open

        To Such

A Moment.

When Something makes me feel young at heart, it helps whisk me away from all the realities and the problems in the world. If only for a minute. It allows me to dream. To let my mind soar to a different place. I reconnect with me, which allows me to center. It is at that time that I can come back, refreshed and help others without anything holding me back. For me, it is a type of meditation.

What makes you feel Young at Heart? 

What would You write about if given the prompt

 “Young at Heart”?

Kind Regards and Sunshine Abounds – K


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