A conversation with my Dad 20+ years ago

My grandfather raised me and he was my Dad in my heart as well as in all the ways that count- This is a conversation we had over 20 years ago when the company I worked for went out of business. I was a single mom, had no job, no car, (had a company car), no money, no savings, at the end of my rope…..

Me: The company went out of business and I no longer have a job. My rent is due in two weeks. Some of my former customers want me to do their jobs anyway, but it is impossible! How am I going to accomplish this? (me carrying on, he waiting patiently for me to settle down)

Dad:  Do you own a house?

Me: You know I don’t! What does that have to do with anything?

Dad: Do you have many bills?

Me: Dad, you know my bills, you are not listening to me!!

Dad: So you have nothing?

Me: Yes, I have Less Than Nothing!! (me shouting and crying and full of drama)

Dad: If you have Nothing, then you have Nothing to Lose. You can use my extra car until you make enough to purchase another. You have the contacts, the connections to suppliers, as well as a few customers which will allow you to make enough money to pay your bills for at least a month. Therefore, Start your own business. If you Have nothing, then you can’t lose anything by trying….

Due to the sage advice of that Wonderful Father, my company is 26 years old!! Thanks Dad!!




9 thoughts on “A conversation with my Dad 20+ years ago

    • He and my Mom took me in at 6 weeks old, heading for adoption. Unfortunately, I was not able to stay with them my entire childhood, but found my way back to them and cared for them until they passed. I was the daughter he never had. He was really tough but a softie at heart!!

    • He was a very quiet man, a career Marine, lived through the Depression, not formally educated, but was very intelligent and had ‘street smarts’. I trusted his judgement and he was always encouraging….(no matter my wild schemes!!)…I miss him every day..

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