We don’t want racial conflict

Racial conflict, we do not want;
Racial conflict, we condemn;
Racial conflict is a shame;
Racial conflict should be discouraged;
Racial conflict is evil;
Racial conflict is promoted by uneducated minds;
Racial conflict tears society apart;
Racial conflict is against the will of God;
Racial conflict is not in line with any good religion;
Racial conflict is doomed to die.

Do you agree or disagree?
Who can say what is wrong with racial conflict?


13 thoughts on “We don’t want racial conflict

  1. Racial conflict is holding on to the past with all your might. Believing that the past is what counts. Dismissing the future and hope. It’s the greatest sin to hold on to hurt and shun the heeling power of love

  2. Satan is not about anything new! Same old story and lies! Truejoy1986, well said! Our prayers do matter and hold back evil. Think if none prayed the strength of sin. Continued prayers for healing for all the world. Like the starfish, one prayer at a time. Good post!

  3. I believe it is caused by Satan to tear apart. God is so very against this. His heart is love for all. We will continue to see racial problems as long as evil is allowed to reign unchallenged by Christians. Christians must use our authority given by Christ at the cross: the victory over sin, death, and sickness, and declare victory while going in to battle spiritually. It is only by being the church to the world around us, and praying the word over our communities and nations that we will see satan pushed back and things begin to change.

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