Why I Write

I never used to refer to myself with the esteemed title of “author” or “writer”. To me, such a title had to be earned, and one must have inherently grasped the skills of grammar, in addition to the ability of crafting a compelling narrative and painting a series of vivid images in the audiences’ minds, almost as if the story was told in high definition.

However, on the brink of adulthood, I picked up a pen. Being thrust from the school building I practically grew up in, to the quasi-real world of pre-colllege, I found it harder and harder to adequately find any sort of validation to what I was experiencing, as it was (and still is) a pivotal time of my life.

My longing to begin writing was not very obvious to me at first. However, I began to write more and more about the problems I see in the world, personal problems, and basically anything I could add adjectives to. The more I wrote, the more I learned about myself, and about the reasons I write.

I write to make sense of the world around me. Being a young adult, the world can be a scary, confusing place at times. On top of being in debt, scheduling my own doctor appointments, and voting for the first time, I find myself consistently confused by current events, politics, and humans in general. Writing helps me think about the different parts of each problem I face, that way I can explain in a way that makes sense to others. What better way to  learn something than to explain it other people?

On the other hand, I write in order to help others understand the world as well. I really enjoy writing about current events and reflections on the things I read/see, and how they fit into the world today.

I write to express myself, to create a healthy and productive outlet for my pain, anger, frustration, and other negative emotions so that they do not get in the way of living my life, and I can find beauty and passion in the way of heartache.

I write because I like to think that I have stories to tell, whether they are stories of tragedy, stories of triumph, or the stories of people I love.

My main goal with my writing is to encourage others to think and look critically at the whole wide world around them. Only then, will we achieve what humans tend to seek, such as knowledge, happiness, and peace.

2 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Noble Creator, here you are indeed a writer and creator; bravo and well done!

    Proud of you for voting for the first time in the primary election, and our general election is upcoming, too! These are exciting times for certain!

    Your expression of where you’re finding yourself feeling confused and seeking answers from every day processes to our politics… I totally relate! I found in my seeking, that there have been many on my path who experienced the same things and the same queries about life and living. I realized that those before me more than survived, they thrived! I found a humility in this realization, knowing that I am just like everyone else.

    With this realization came the recognition that service to others and gratitude for what I have and where I’m at, is the key. Your writing and expressing your questions and sharing your quest for clarity, and the process of getting there, is a great service for those among us that can’t find our voice or a pen for God’s sake!

    So, keep it up, sister! Keep on writing, no matter what! Keep your thoughts coming, keep on questioning life, and promise yourself you’ll enjoy the journey along the way!

    Susan xo
    @ LilyVee.com

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