Love truth

Truth…such a word with power. People say they want to know it but once known, is usually not well taken.

Yes, the truth hurts and believe me I’ve had to shock it many a times. But it is life, you need to shock a lot of things.

You made errors? Be ready to be reprimanded.

You lied? Be ready to regret it.

You stole? Be ready to account for it.

You failed a course? Be ready to spend some sleepless nights to catch up.

You didn’t listen? Be ready to bear the consequences.

I think it’s a grace to have people who are willing to hurt us with the truth than fool us with lies. Sometimes I look at my family and a few friends who are honest with me and I feel like beating them up cuz they are seriously hurting me with whatever they are saying as true. But with much more discernment and maturity today, I totally love them cuz at the end of the day, all they want is the best for me.

So be grateful and praise the heavens for those true friends and family members you have. They are going to be your pillar when you’ll need a helping hand/ support. Let them hit you hard with the truth and while you cry while listening to it, smile cuz you know you’ll be better soon.

Love the truth cuz only the truth sets us free. Stop with the lies cuz they will cause you pain. Hold on to your life and never let nothing come in your way. Turn to your God for guidance for He is the way, the truth and the life. Give Him your all and trust in His ways. Say the truth, hear the truth, love the truth and be the truth. So give yourself the challenge to start saying the truth if you haven’t started already. Let it hurt but be at ease you were honest instead of a liar. God bless.

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3 thoughts on “Love truth

  1. Yes the truth hurts. I spoke the truth, and was roughly reprimanded by the companion. I kept speaking to the wife, because she was the one who had hurt me. I told her the comment was not good, and that I couldn’t think. I needed to tell her. He yelled, and I kept talking. She understood, and they both walked away. I hurt, and prayed for her. I saw through this the rough man she lives with. The compassion from the Lord filled my heart, and I cry because I know she has had this verbal beating like I did. I’m still forgiving.

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