A new day I have ahead of me;
But whether all of it I will have
Or only part of it,
Is hard, if not impossible,
For me or anyone to say;
What is sure,
Many starting this new day
Will not be part of it
When it closes its doors;
Many shall go for good
And many shall come to stay;
That is the nature of the life
Our creator gave us.
Ours is an uncertain world;
What each day holds none can say;
Wars here; wars there;
Killings crop up when least expected;
Some call it terrorism;
Others say they are fighting for their rights;
Planes are brought down
So too are huge mansions;
And what is sad,
Human life is often lost in them in numbers.
It is a world of uncertainty in which we live;
Even in the name of a God of peace
People deprive others of life;
And don’t see anything wrong with it;
In a world like this,
In worry, fear and doubt seems
The only way to live;
Since you do not know what comes up next;
And just anything is possible;

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