Open Air Surprise in the London Summer Sun.

My invitation was to a school end of term programme ‘Dance From Around the World’.The  border of the A6  size invitation paper had the flags of many different countries of the world.  This decoration made this invitation exciting and I was looking forward to it.  Other indications to the pleasant surprise that was in store was signposted by the words, ‘African drumming, Steel Pan Music, Cockney Dancing and Many more’.

I was going to bed, it was late, and I saw a glimpse of the news about Nice but it was almost so unbelievable that I was in that state one gets into, “No, this cannot be true,” I thought .  I woke up to the full details and was very saddened.  Like we all do, I still had to  get on with the day’s itinerary.  For the 2 pm appointment I would need to leave at 12.45 pm.  I prepared for my journey and it was a lovely summer’s day riding the bus through London, seeing people enjoying the sun.  The light shone through the spaces in the trees and foliage.

When I got there, the stage was set up outdoors.  They were right, why stay indoors on a lovely day like. The diversity of the school population was immense and it was good to see everyone happy together.  The six year -old children started the show with African drumming and were fantastic.  The skills they displayed showed how well they had learnt and their teacher said they enjoyed every lesson.  There was such an applause when they finished, that they sat behind their drums in total surprise.  In contrast, the Reception Class were so shy with the Tai Chi but the message came through loud and clear.  Our call out to them showed their efforts were appreciated.

The next year group gave us a tour of South America by dancing to ‘La Bamba’.  There was more applause.  The dance tour took us to the Asian Continent to be entertained by cute Indian dancers and everyone joined in by clapping in tune to the music.  Back in time we went for the Anglo-Saxon Court dance  and very regally did dance the Year 4 group.  Shouts of praise and applause filled the air.  Spicing things up with some noisy Cockney  song and dance, this troupe of nine year old children got us to stamp our feet and clap some more.  The Finale, to end the show off the Caribbean groove was turned up a notch with the children on Steel Pans and these were the eleven year old who were playing as if to proclaim the beginning of the new stage in their development.  Goodbye to junior years!  Hello to teenage rite of passage.  And everyone danced in the open air event wishing them, a very good luck and a good life.


In response to the New Weekend Challenge: Surprise

Written by Susanna Dziworshie

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  1. Sounds wonderful! Children and their heart for songs and joy bring so much to our hurting world. Bless to read they will have this special day to remember forever! Thank you for sharing!!

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