The winner’s spirit

Right now as you read this,
Are your spirits high or low?
Are your spirits up or down?
It’s easy
For your spirits to be high
When the going is good;
But how easy
When the going is bad?
It is easy
For your spirits to be up
When someone praises you;
But how easy
When someone criticizes you?
It is easy
For you spirits to be high
When you pluck a victory;
But how easy
When you lose a match?
Yet, if you want to be
Among the great in your field;
Or in life as a whole,
Keep your spirits on top,
Regardless of what happens;
Whether you win or you lose,
Keep your spirits high;
When the sun is shining
Or the rain is pouring,
Always feel as somebody
Who has won a big victory;
That is the winner’s spirit.

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