Welcome New week 8th week

You may start this week with difficulties, but welcome it all the same. Many things start with great difficulty but before long they are speeding to success. If you are having a slow start, get ready to speed because you may find yourself speeding to success.

It is hard to know what the future has in stock for us especially if we are putting in our best. See the way things went for the new British Prime Minister, Theresa May. In the US the battle to get to leadership has been going on for more than a year with all its ups and downs. In Britain it came to Mrs May out of the blues. This can happen to anybody. Of course, had she not worked hard in the past, it would not have come.

We have to do the best we can. We have to embrace each new day; each new week and do our best; and leave the rest to the God who is the sole author of results.
Welcome this week. Give thanks for it; and do your best and hope. The results may astonish you.

3 thoughts on “Welcome New week 8th week

  1. Challenges strengthen us, and a positive attitude keeps us motivated. I try not to let frustrations knock me down, instead I tackle them head-on with a determination to succeed.

  2. Great words of encouragement as I am going through a rough spot in my life right now but I know that the creator of the universe is with me always and will see me through this storm.

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