Pray for Donald Trump

Let us pray for US Presidential hopeful big DoTru;
That God may spare him the embarrassment
Of becoming the Republican nominee
For the October election;
Let us pray for big DoTru;
That his ambition to become the President
Of the greatest country in the world called
The United States of America may die;
Let us pray for DoTru;
That he may listen to the voice of wisdom in him
And withdraw from this election;
So that he may not be dragged into mud.
Let us pray for DoTru;
That he may have an honorable exit from the race
At the current stormy, chaotic party convention.
Who is willing to join me to pray for DoTru?
Which other prayer intention would you like to add?

15 thoughts on “Pray for Donald Trump

  1. I’m with your use of prayer. Trust me. But at times I get so sick of people’s “perfect ideas” if they themselves are so perfect. Why aren’t they running for president?

    In turn, as the bible states we are to vote for no one. We chose no one other than our maker to make our decisions for us.

  2. This is not my idea of a prayer. If we were disqualified by our pasts or our mistakes or what we have said we would all be disqualified. This does not line up with my Jesus on how to pray for someone. It is just a clever way to put someone down and continue to spread the judgments around.

    • That is exact. His filters are responsible for him thinking and acting as he does. Hence we should not hate him. That will not help anybody. We should pray he corrects his thinking, attitude and actions. In the meantime, Americans should not make the mistake of entrusting the destiny of their country, their destiny and the destiny of the world into his hands. No one can predict what he can do.

      • We should simply be the change we wish to see in the world. And that means we need to show love whenever, wherever!!! The only “weapon” that brings peace!

      • It’s a bit scary at times I will admit. But as a writer, which j do call myself we have to be bold. I will admit I wrote that in anger and I did go back and change the last line seeing as it could have been held against me if Clinton was ever as assassinated. Oops.

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