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I wish to thank all the guest authors of Succeess Inspirers’ World. Many of you are doing so well as guest authors. It is both a pride and an honor to be a guest author.

It is not everybody who can be a guest author. But being a guest author comes with many benefits – it expands your web presence, exposes you to more readers, makes you better known, and draws more readers to your own blog. It may not happen on day one but eventually you will reap the benefits if you are a guest author on a good site.

As this site grows bigger, it will become more difficult to become a guest author here. Therefore, it is wise for those who wish to be our guest authors to get a place now. On our sidebar, you will find a list of our guest authors. These are the guest authors who have published something on this site. If you are a guest author but have not yet published anything, the sidebar does not feature you. As soon as you publish, the sidebar will acknowledge you as an author on this site. I therefore encourage all our guest authors to publish something.

What you publish as a guest author on this site does not have to be long. It could be a poem, short prose message, quote, tip, picture, nature, drawing, painting, riddle, joke, fun, travel story, song, video, performance etc as long as it inspires, motivates, encourages, educates or helps readers to think, feel or do better in life.

Guest authors here go at their pace. Feel free to go at your pace. You may publish once and end there. You may publish everyday for the rest of your life. You may publish more than once a day. It is left to you to decide what is best for you as an author on this

For those who are not yet our guest authors and like to be, we are offering this opportunity to a few more bloggers of our community. You are free to apply. Indicate your name, blog, briefly state what you blog about, give your blog url and your email. If you are accepted, you will be sent an invitation. When you accept the invitation, you will automatically become an author on this site. That will make you to start right away to publish your own posts on this site and see them attract more readers, likes and comments. You will begin to grow in new friends. You will begin to enjoy blogging more.

As you can see, being a guest blogger is a big boost to both the guest blogger and the host site. Is that a win-win situation? That is what we call solidarity blogging. That is what this site is committed to. Let us come together and promote solidarity blogging.
Happy blogging!


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  1. I am a new blogger but managed to get some 2500 followers in around 2 months time. I love to write and leave likes and comments and form long lasting comments and contacts. I recently was added as author on Roberta Pimentel’s blog, such an honour it was, I am Also an author on a webzine called Candles Online, and fortunately also on The Millionaires Digest. Hope I would be accepted by you all. Keep up the good work and keep smiling always. šŸ˜ŠšŸŒ¹šŸ™

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