Light at the end of the tunnel

Let us live at all times in hope;
That better days lie ahead;
Not days of sunshine alone;
Where rain has no place at all;
Nor days of roses without thorns;
Or days of sunlight and no darkness,
But days of both sorrows and joys;
As every real day should be;
Ours is a world
Where joys and sorrows go together;;
Success and failure marry;
Sweetness and bitterness
Hands in gloves;
Therefore, when rain or sorrow come our way,
When sunlight goes to sleep
And darkness takes over control,
Let not discouragement take hold of you;
Better days always lie ahead;
Light at the end of the tunnel;

4 thoughts on “Light at the end of the tunnel

  1. Right the moment when I think that the prayer was abandoned -> “Better day always lie ahead!” this sentence! Just go on… keep on your prayer.
    Thank you for always encourage me. Gbu.

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