Solidarity Support Challenge day 115

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67. Carolina

68. Deanne
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2 thoughts on “Solidarity Support Challenge day 115

  1. What happened yesterday cannot be redone.

    All YOU can do is the best YOU can do.

    We do however, have the power within us to control certain things. Today, we can decide how we react to each stepping stone that is put in front of us…

    Take a deep breath and face whatever comes your way.

    If you need some help, then ask for it. From God, the universe, a friend or?

    Asking for help does is not a sign of weakness.

    It is a sign of strength and knowledge of self.

    If you need to apologize for something than do it. Do not however expect or hold yourself back awaiting for an apology from someone else. They are not with in your control.

    Make today count. It will not come our way again.

    May each and everyone have the best day possible…

    May your day be filled with joy, laughter and love.

    Kind Regards and feeling grateful – K

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