Wise words from my notebook

You have to be fully aware that there comes a time in every one’s life here on earth or beyond, when we are called upon to render an account of how we lived.

Do you have the courage to speak out for the things that are right and against the things that are wrong?

Leaders who abuse the power in their hands soon realize it would have been better had they not.

If you cannot be trusted in small things, you cannot be trusted in big ones.

What happens to people when their sense of shame is slow or when they have no sense of shame? I leave that to you to say.


4 thoughts on “Wise words from my notebook

  1. I have plenty of courage. As a rule, I have seen too much political talk, friendships lost and reserve my right to abstain.

    That is not cowardly, that is sticking up for how I feel in my heart.

    Often times how I feel will show itself in my writing. But, unless I am doing a documentary or reporting the news, I pick my battles very carefully.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Kind Regards and praying for peace – K

  2. Yea and I’m feeling really stupid today. I’ve been trying to live Godly nut have been tempted lately by a young man at a coffee shop. I just wanted him to talk to me. But I’m almost 50 and he’s in his twenties, yet I still pursued him by hanging out at this coffee shop trying to get him to notice me. And I went in there with my telephone talking so everyone can hear me.and now I feel so stupid. I’m older and alone now and it is difficult for me. Now I want to disappear but while I was there I met a nice girl that I might become friends with.

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