I wish my voice could go far

If there is something I really strongly wish, it is I wish my voice could go far. I see us spending huge sums of money to bring peace to the world.
I see the world everyday becoming more and more unsafe. Innocent people are killed here and there. No one knows what each day will bring. Killings, terrorist attacks, wars etc are the order of the day. Our response to all this is to spend billions in terms of money on peace missions and negotiations. This does not help much. The situation seems to be going worse.
Our world will not change unless we change; and we will not change unless our education changes. We are what we are educated to be. We behave as we have been educated to behave. The solution to the world’s problems will only come from education. We need a new kind of education for all. Or we need to inject something in education that the world is not having now.
If I had a way to let those who matter in the world listen to me, this is what I would tell them. Unless we do something profound in the education we give the people of the world, the world will continue on the wrong path and finally destroy itself.
Let us reeducate ourselves and save the world. Who will listen to this? I wish I could take this message to the people of the world everywhere!

7 thoughts on “I wish my voice could go far

  1. My dear brother,
    The world needs Christ, the Son of the living God. Christ is the Christ of every crisis. Individuals need to be educated in Christ. But by rejecting Christ, people find themselves serving a dying world and its lust, instead of doing the will of God, according to His will and purpose for their lives. Those who do not know Christ the King of peace, have no real peace. Hence the ungoing ills of society keep excalating. Have you noticed that for every wrong there is some human rights organization representing promoting them…. It spells doom within the near future. PRAY. And I say no more.

    Redeeming Luv

    • You are definitely right; but I think we need to go further to look at what is bringing about these social inequalities. Some people have more than others and do not care that others do not have. Why do they not care? My argument is that their education beginning from their homes through school and society has made them that way. If they are not reeducated to care, they will never change. As long as we are given an education that makes us think only of ourselves without consideration for other, things will continue to be as they are. This is my thinking. Of course education cannot, overnight change beliefs, attitudes and practices that have been held by human society for millenia. Hence it is a gradual process. But if we want the world one day to be what the creator meant it to be – a paradise for all, we need to set the train on the right path and have it going. Thanks for your comment which has given me the opportunity to further express my thought. Nice day to you. If you have more points to raise on this, do not hesitate. I shall be delighted to further explain my views.

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