The toughest journey

Which is your toughest journey?
My toughest journey, I am on;
My journey on the web;
Moving from where I am to where
I want to be;
This is a journey many people
Want to make;
In this android generation age;
To move from where they are
To reach thousands and why
Not millions of readers;
I can assure you,
It is a tough journey indeed;
There are billions of people
In the world,
And a good many of them hooked
To the web everyday;
But to get to just one hundred
Of them is a tough journey;
Especially if you are not android;
But for all I know it can be done.
Some are getting to millions
Of readers everyday;
It can be done;it is being done;
If it can be done;and being done,
You can do it.
Do not stop until you have done it.

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