Why is America serving two…

Serving two masters?
The citizens of the United States of America have a big choice ahead. They have to choose whether to serve one master or two masters; whether after the November Presidential election their country shall be positively or negatively seen; whether they shall be loved or hated.

Once I talked about my worry and surprise that America was doing so much for the world but seemed to be the most criticized and hated country in the world. I have always believed that she is not appreciated enough for her wonderful generosity around the world. However, with the coming of Barack Obama to power, things changed. The US began again to be seen more favorably around the world. A good question is: was this a period of honey moon that is about coming to an end? The writing is clear on the wall. The choice Americans will make in November will determine whether they will continue to enjoy the love and trust of the rest of the world or their hatred, suspicion and distrust.

People are looking to see whether America will serve one master or two.

The core values of freedom and democracy on which this country was founded seem to be bringing out both the best and the worst. If the American train is bound for paradise, you will find it full. If it is bound for hell, you will find it full. Shall the passengers they want to pick up on the way jump into the train headed for paradise or the one headed for hell?

Why is beautiful, great America serving two masters? Where do those of us who counted on you for the path to travel do now. Which train should we board? November will tell. To who much is given, much is expected. God has given America so much to help the world to get onto the right direction and travel to the right destination. You are not free to fail, America. Therefore, stop serving two masters. Tell the world clearly in November you are serving the same master on whom you were founded more than two hundred years ago.

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  1. This coming presidential election is an exact mirror image of the citizens of the country. We have two candidates with two opposing points of view. Naturally. The citizens of the country on the most part, have become negative about themselves. Completely uninformed about news, government, or candidates. People look out for SELF. I want this, I want that, I want everything right now! That life is becoming a very large percentage of the population having unpayable debt means nothing, continue to go deeper. It is insane! There is another portion of the population. It probably would’ve been considered conservative. At one time, they are really liberal conservatives, they pay for their way each day as they live. They try to save but earn no interest??? They don’t live on borrowed money, borrowed credit, or borrowed time. These are the people who are going to be getting shortchanged at the checkout counter. After the economy collapses because of greed.
    People end up getting the kind of government that they deserve.

  2. This a dangerous time for America, not because of all the evils the Republican candidate stated in his 75 minute rant/acceptance speech, the darkest such speech I can remember going back to the 1964 conventions, but for the negativity of the candidate himself.

    What he described is NOT the America I know and love! He does NOT speak for me!

    I fear he lacks a moral compass, but he is slick and takes in people who lack critical thinking. Unfortunately, there appears to be a lot of such people in America!

    Pray for America, please. We have a serious threat to our democracy.

  3. It is an interesting time here in the USA-

    I will refrain from getting into the pros and cons of our current candidates, it is not my style.

    Many individuals have become extremely fond of a post that has been circulating FB…

    It is along the lines of -” We Americans will take care of ourselves AND we promise to behave ourselves for the next 4 years . Hopefully at that time there will be more and better choices of leaders to pick from.”

    Such a sad state of affairs. How did it come this far?


    • Well, everybody has their convictions; but I think many people are not also fair to Hillary. If she has erred, it is like any other person; but profoundly she is a great woman. Should stood by her husband when he was in trouble as President. That is enough to endear her to people. Many people abandon their close ones because of one error they have made. I really think Americans should be fair to her. Even if someone does not want to vote for her, don’t paint her black just to make her lose. It does not make sense in a society that upholds values.

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