Inspirational Quote of the Day- July 25, 2016


Hello everyone. Today I would like to share one of Mother Teresa’s (my favorite!) thought-provoking sayings.

So full of insight and wisdom, Mother Teresa was an incredibly inspiring figure whose teachings live on and continue to influence people’s lives through their simple, yet deep focuses.

This famous quote is titled, “Do It Anyway,” for that is the key to achieving success and living a meaningful, joyous life. Doing “it” means doing what we love, doing what we feel is right, and giving it our absolute best.

Life holds a collection of obstacles intended to challenge and steer us away from our ulterior motives…but nevertheless we must do it anyway.

Even the harshest, rudest people we encounter do not incidentally end up in our lives. We learn the majority of our lessons through people we do not like, or who don’t like us. So how about we become grateful for our…

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