Don’t listen to anybody who.. (Add a line or more No 30)

I listen to anybody
Who tells me to go ahead
And do what I want to do;
I don’t listen to anyone
Who tells me not to try;
I listen to anybody;
Who tells me, ‘Yes. you can.”
I don’t listen to anybody
Who tells me I can’t;
What I have found is I am right;
And so I dare to advice anyone;
Don’t listen to anyone who tells you
You can’t do it;
Don’t listen to anybody
Who tells you not to try.

Don’t listen to anybody
Who….. ( kindly complete and why not add?)


14 thoughts on “Don’t listen to anybody who.. (Add a line or more No 30)

  1. Can’t say what they mean without getting angry. I have listened to anger, and it didn’t do me any good. It took awhile to get over the sarcasm and the meanness that was shouted over me. I believe in telling the truth, and when I did it made the person furious with me. There is no fury like someone who feels they are justified in laying it out to someone. I forgave, and then it happened again from another person. Sarcasm and anger. It has taken longer to get over the last one, and yet, I have verbally told the Lord, “I forgive.”
    At times people don’t investigate the whole story. I may have made them mad on purpose to show how stupid it is to come at someone who is innocent, with such fury.”

  2. Don’t listen to anybody
    Who cannot listen back.
    Know-it-alls tend to talk and not listen,
    because they think that they know it all already.
    They don’t. There is too much to know.
    Believe that your own contributions are valuable.

    • I agree fully. What does anyone person know. Who outside knows how a king is put on the throne in my village? Who knows how people in a different part of the world spend their weekends. Simple things. We know very little and by listening to others we learn more and grow. A mind that feeds only on itself soon dries off.

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