I was told to throw it out…

working at a food food place

just a part time Thing

for little money

to keep me busy

and  be around people

I was told

that people come at

closing time to see

if there is food that will be

thrown out

so they can take it and eat

maybe feed their families

I was told to

throw it out

I know I will buy it

and give it

to them

it made sad

to waste when so many


it made me sad not

to just give it to them

I really felt it was

almost inhumane

why not give it to

someone who is hungry

that swallows their pride

and asks for food

for food!!

not money

just food!

but I must follow the rules

however there is always

around the rules

when rules make no sense

when people are hurting

and hungry

there goes my paychecks!!


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