Children of the world

Children of the world,
What is your call?
And what is your challenge?
You have a call;
And you have a challenge;
To become the person you were created to be;
It is a great call;
But no easy task;
It is difficult indeed;
But you can do it;
Did you get me?
You can do it;
You were born for big things;
You are here for great things;
And great things you should do;
The greatest thing, the pursuit of love;
The way to show love
To anyone;
To your country;
To the world is through service.
Serve your people;
Serve your country;
Serve the world;
What service are you ready to off
To the world?
Make your choice now;
Decide what you will do
To make the world
A better place for all;
That will be your vision;
Which you will trim, nurture, fine tune
And grow as the years go by;
Making sure you are focused.
The future belongs to you;
But you have to start to build it now;
Don’t wait;
Every minute counts;
And the earlier you start,
The better;
To maximize your opportunities;
For you and the world;
Never sell yourself short;
You have a right to win;
You have no right to fail;
You have all it takes;
Take your decision now;
And get going.
And when you reach the top of your ladder,
Do your best at the top;
As you did to get to the top.

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