Praying for you

I’m up all night,can’t seem to find sleep

I have been praying and listening to gospel music

Meditating and worshipping

Then I decide to take a break and I log in there

Surprisingly you are awake too

Just saw a picture of you and I realize I miss you

I can’t talk to you because we made certain rules

I just wish I could tell you how I feel

And how much I need you now

But I can’t, so I’ll just love from a distance

And keep praying for you

Cuz only the Lord can change this situation

Hold on to the dream🙏

Have u eve felt like u really needed to talk to someone but you just can’t and you let destiny play it’s part? Well, be strong and hold on. Everything happens for a reason. Have a nice day. God bless

Yours truly,  Sammy J.



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