sick, blogging and likes…

To all of my followers, and to those I follow, I am having trouble with my ‘like’

button again….

Supposedly I am sick from taking all of the antibiotics for various things over the last 45 days. Clindimyicin was the last drug I took and I have been off of it for a week. Still feel like I am on it.

Nausea, diarrhea, feeling like I am going puke…you get the picture. Went to the doc and just was given anti nausea pills. Trying to have test done for C Diff, an infection coming from antibiotics as well as being in the hospital….so far no luck in getting a stool sample. Gross.

So writing for the next few days is going to be spotty.

I do read your blogs though as I can in between bouts of sickness!

Feeling so bad that I’m not even hitting my ‘beloved’ share button for those wonderful pictures I love to see each day!!

Will write more later….

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