Fear: a political weapon?

Who wants us to live in fear in a world of hope?
Who wants us to believe that all is lost in a world
That is so full of opportunity?
And where nothing is lost?
Why must we live in fear and doubt?
Why must we be pessimistic about the future?
And start to doubt when we have such incredible potential?
When I look around me, I see so much opportunity;
So much reason to believe and to be hopeful;
Although life is not a bed of roses and never will be,
Although there is more work to be done;
Challenges to overcome and discouraging moments,,
We shall not live in a state of fear and doubt;
We are up to what lies ahead;
We can overcome our obstacles and setbacks;
We can triumph and we will triumph;
We are not a people of fear and never will be;
We are a people of courage and resolve;
Sterling qualities which we must pass on
To our children and feed them with hope and optimism;
Not dwarf them with a false alarm of an impending disaster
That is only in our distorted minds;
What is ahead of us is not the worst but the best;
The best is still to come and will come;
We should hope for the best not the worst.
I hear somebody saying he wants alone
To make America great again;
When has America never been great?
America has always been great;
America is not only a great nation;
America is the greatest nation in the whole wide world;
No one needs to make America great again
America has always been great;
America has never stopped being great;
What America needs during this time of election
Is to get someone from among them
Who is seasoned;
And who will give the country a leadership of love,
Hope, courage and togetherness;
A leadership that will take the country
To yet unattained heights of greatness;
The universe, with its unfathomable riches lies
Before us waiting to be explored; discovered
And exploited for the good of humanity;
The future calls and challenges us to inspire
The human mind to rise to its full potential;
That has nothing to do with fear and doubt;
That has nothing to do with pessimism;
That has everything to do with hope and love
And coming together as a world,
Removing barriers and building bridges
Over the rivers of life;
Not building walls that exclude and keep people apart;
Let us refrain from instilling fear, doubt
And pessimism into our people;
Using fear as a political weapon;
Instead, let us fill them with hope of a great future;
Let us not say and do things that divide people;
Let us say and do things that unite people.
Because it is only in working together that we can
Rise up to our destiny.

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