Am I not lost?

What am I doing?
Sometimes I get confused;
And wonder if I am not lost in the world;
I do not know what I am doing;
I do not even know whether or not
What I am doing
Is worth the while.
Do you sometimes feel like me?
Finding yourself wondering whether
What you are doing
Is worth the while or not?
I am worried
And wish that you clear my doubts.
Tell me it’s not happening to me alone;
That it’s a common thing.
Will you?
Assure me that I m not lost;
That there is hope for me;
That my chances are intact;
Because I don’t want to lose;
I want to win


6 thoughts on “Am I not lost?

  1. You are never alone. Faith is your best friend. If you don’t have it, you need it. But you need not search far it’s deep inside you you just have to let it walk with you. Slow down, let it catch up to you. And when you swallow your pride and do it, you will have given yourself the gift of control over your feeling and will learn that YOU are the one who co trips how you feel. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy. Prayers my friend.

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