My top 5 questions about my life

It’s another night and I can’t find sleep. I think in everyone’s life, we reached a point where we asked ourselves certain questions. So I came up with my top 5 questions…” Who am I? Where am I? Where am I going to? Who do I wanna be? Where do I see myself in 5 years”...All I see is my past: the heartbreaks, the failures, the downfalls, the disappointments etc. And I forget about the most important ones: the lessons.

Life has a way of twisting us so let me answer the questions…Who am I? One thing remains; I am me…with all my flaws, insecurities, perfect imperfections..but one thing i know is I’m the better version. I am growing, getting experiences, building my character, working hard, knowing exactly what I want, placing my priorities. My past doesn’t define me, it just simply forms me into the better me. I am a work in progress, an evolving woman who won’t drop her dreams for nothing in the world.

Where am I? I think with God being in control, I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. I might be broken, feeling empty, sad, disappointed etc but its just a stepping stone to my journey ahead so I’m just trusting and moving forward.

Where am I going to? Exactly where God has designed me to be:I am going towards my future, graciously and majestically.To an unknown destination. Maybe not prepared but I know God will prepare the way for me.

Who do I wanna be?  The real me: being a great woman who will impact people’s lives. A strong woman who will be able to handle all tasks and situations. A virtuous woman.

Where do I see myself in 5 years time? I pray to have my degree, have an established career and a successful blog, impacting lives, in a great relationship with a great guy, have my YouTube channel, and who knows, a book of mine. I really just wanna be happy in everything I do😇😊.

The lessons: I have learnt that life is made up of ups and downs. You cant let it break u down. Sometimes you will be on your own, you will have to be by yourself to really find out what life is all about. Not everyone who says will always be there for u actually mean it. Not everything u wish for comes on a plate of silver. You have to fight for what you believe in. You are your own BOSS so take your life. Never lose sight of your dreams. Stop blaming people for the choices you made and remember every choice has its consequence so be ready to account for it. You can’t always wait for things to be perfect before you work things out. Do things when u have the chance to.

God will never place situations which are bigger than our might and He is there to guide us through. You can’t possibly have what you want if you don’t ask for direction so ask God for guidance and direction. Do not give up on urself and remember you are not your mistakes. Its OK to break down once in a while but wake up stronger. Walk through stronger. You are great. You can make it. Never forget that.

I don’t know if anyone relates to this but if you have certain questions you usually ask yourselves apart from this one, then pls feel free to share with us. I will also like to have your answers on these various questions in the comment section cuz it might enlighten me or anyone else. Rate my thoughts😉.. Thank you😊

I wish you all a blessed Sunday and an awesome week to come. God bless.

Yours truly, Sammy J.

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