Only one candidate running?

In reality only one candidate is running for president in this year’s U.S.Presidential election.

True or false?

That is the way I see it. I believe every right-thinking person sees it the same way.

I know, of course,that wayward people see it differently. They have their candidate. Birds of a feather flock together. Otherwise, I do not see who can consider a candidate as serious who is antagonizing everybody, quarreling with people here and there, criticized by everybody who matters, makes irresponsible, racist, divisive and discriminatory statements every time.

The good people of America must fight to protect their country. Although I see the candidate of the right-thinking people having a landslide victory of 70% to 30% for the candidate of the wayward people, the good people still have to fight. They must take no chances. They have to fight to protect the image of their country.

Danger looms ahead.


2 thoughts on “Only one candidate running?

  1. I think you and others from around the world see the truth more clearly than many here in the U.S. The majority of people in the area where I live are Trump supporters. I have friends who are actually angry with me because I support Hillary Clinton. I fear for my country and the world if Trump should win this election.

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