Encouragement can do wonders

One of the things I very much enjoy doing is encouraging people. I believe in the power of encouragement. I know what encouragement can do. I know the wonders it has done.
Whenever I receive genuine words of encouragement from somebody, they touch my heart and lift me up above the ordinary. That motivates me to do more.

Many people, undoubtedly, are like me. They like, enjoy and appreciate encouragement from others.

Encouragement lifts spirits; and when your spirits are lifted, you can do wonders. There are many people even around you who have risen from oblivion to stardom just because of encouraging words from others.

Do you have the habit of encouraging people?

I encourage you to cultivate the habit of encouraging others if you don’t have it; and if you do have it, I encourage you to use it as much as you can. It is a lofty habit. The world needs people who encourage others and will do better with more people who encourage others to do good than with people who discourage others from doing good.
One of my blessings is I receive a lot of encouragement daily from many people including many of you who visit my site. This keeps me going further and higher.

There are many ways of encouraging someone. Visiting my site is great encouragement to me. Reading what I write, liking it or leaving a comment is tremendous encouragement to me. For that, I can never thank you enough.

Imagine how much we can each achieve in our lifetime if we encourage instead of discourage each other! We can do a lot both for ourselves and the world.

Seeing what encouragement can do and has done, I have taken a responsible decision to spend the rest of my life encouraging people to bring out the best in themselves; to exploit their potential to the full for positive purposes, so that we can all join hands and make our world an excellent place for all to enjoy.

If you have not been encouraging people, I very strongly recommend that you start right away to build in you the habit of encouraging others. It’s not hard to find where to start; and you don’t need to go far. The comment box is just below. I wouldn’t mind some words of encouragement from you. In actual fact, I will love them.
Thanks for your kind attention and encouragement (already had or expected).

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  1. I’ve noticed a tendency of most people, when given genuine compliments/encouragement, will try to do everything they can to prove the person who encourages right.

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