Welcome New Week 11th Week

Don’t you feel it in your blood?
I do feel it in mine;
This shall be a good week;
Hoping for many good things
To come;
Some for you;
And some for me;
I see them coming very fast;
Many good things indeed
Will come;
Some for you;
And some for me;
One good thing for each one
Of us.

#inspiration, #motivation, #new-week, #welcome

2 thoughts on “Welcome New Week 11th Week

  1. Good morning…

    Glad to be back… I missed all of you!

    It will take me a few days to catch up…

    I am extremely excited to be a part of this journey we are on…. skipping down the path we go!! woo hoo!!

    On that note, I’m working a small job at a saw mill today.. broadening my horizons…. so off I go….

    Have a fabulous Monday!!!!

    Kind Regards and feeling grateful – K

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