Beautifully Flawed


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Sometimes, I feel as if my imperfections dominate my entire being.  Questioning every decision, every action. (Sigh) It can be quite exhausting.  I also, often get weary with the taunting of waiting.  Waiting for change, waiting for the sun to shine, for the silver lining to make sense of it all.  So, I decided to share this poem in case others can relate.


Cracked & flawed am I, not by any means perfect

I fall & stumble…I ache when wounded.

I bellow out my worrisome woes,

My hurts, disappointments & fears…

The numerous sleepless nights, drowned in a pillow of tears

How long, how long I plea…

Must I endure the stress & strain of my agony

Like a bird with tattered wings I fly,

Lost in the sea of clouds that have overtaken the sky

Longing for the peace & rest that has gone askew…

The solace, strength & safety, that I once knew

Like shattered glass, I’m broken, jagged, distressed…

Surrounded by fractals & fragments of mess

Is there any hope? Am I a lost cause?


During this time of questioning & ranting, I was reminded of the truth…


Undeserved, Love sacrificed for me,

I’m more valued than gold, silver, treasures, or any earthly thing

From dust, I was beautifully crafted & designed…

Infilled with gifts, dreams, a specific purpose in mind

All life’s burdens, with him I can leave…

Living life to the fullest, un-chained & free

So, in case you too, at times have felt like me,

Like life has served you an entire lemon tree…

Remember…you may experience anguish, disappointment & fear

But, you’re never alone…LOVE is always here

If you ever find yourself asking, “Is there any hope…Am I a lost cause?”

The truth is…There is ALWAYS hope

You’re just, Beautifully…..Flawed.   © J.L.Hunt


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10 thoughts on “Beautifully Flawed

  1. Oh wow, that is so beautifully amazing! I was agreeing with you in the first part of your poem, feeling yes I’ve been there, I’ve asked those questions or succumbed to those thoughts and feelings and then I continued and read the second half of your poem. I was so uplifted by it and found myself nodding in agreement saying yes you are so right!! Love this, it is tremendous!!! Thanks for sharing.

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