How is it that success is a goal?

How is it that success is a goal?
Where would we be if we didn’t have a goal?
We can’t just sit with no ambition,
We need to improve ourselves,
We help others through our improvement,
That’s why we aspire to inspire,
For good reasons success should be a goal.

3 thoughts on “How is it that success is a goal?

  1. I don’t know, I’m a bit confused .o. . For example: If you want to climb a mountain, your goal is to get to the top and getting to the top would be your success, so I think that it should be a goal since if you accomplish your goal, you get success, right? Therefore success should be like an automatic/ default goal.
    This is my way of comprehending it, sorry if it doesn’t make sense xD Sometimes things like this make you wonder and think about it deeply, the hard part is explaining it. Good post! 🙂

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