Add a line or more No. 45

Appropriate success tips
Will help you
Achieve your goals in life.

Get up early everyday;
And put your time to good use.

Look on the bright side of life;
And never look on the dark side.

Work hard;
Instead of idling around
When there is work to do.
Set clean, clear goals for yourself;
And spend your time pursuing them.

Be ambitious and see that you
Make the most of your opportunities.

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4 thoughts on “Add a line or more No. 45

  1. I like this the way it is. I can’t think of much more to add. Life is short. Live it to the fullest. Give God your heart, and bow to Jesus daily. He will help you stand tall.

  2. “Have conversation of every type
    And then decide what is wrong or right !!
    No matter how much time it takes
    beware of your action because it react”

    few lines from my side , sir , liked ?

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