In Conversation: Cravings

What is the cravings of a pregnant woman to her?

Seemingly  ridiculous to others, but to her it is very real.

There isn’t going to be peace or sleep for anyone,

If she doesn’t get that particular food she is after.

“I fancy an Onion Bhaji Sandwich” she says.

“Who’s ever heard of such a thing” is the reply,

“Never mind who’s heard, it’s just what I need,” with frustration in her voice

“Yes Darling, I will go to the all night Indian Restaurant.

Then to the Supermarket so I can make you what you need” as he went towards the front door.


The funny thing is the weirder the food combination is, the need for it it seems to occur at night. Sometimes its family or friends who are kind enough to help.  Ladies, what was your pregnancy food craving?   Who had to go out for it?


10 thoughts on “In Conversation: Cravings

  1. That’s so amazing. The weird cravings that pregnant women have. Science has shown that craving manifest themselves on the basis of the nutrients that the body is lacking. Maybe that’s why you craved the onion bhaji sandwich.

    • Yes, Onion Bhaji was the right thing at that moment. The scientific side proves many things which we naturally have done or do. In this instance a pregnant woman listening to her body’s needs has served the need for replenishing nutrients well.

  2. In my first pregnancy, when I was sick and lost weight first trimester, wanted salsa (just salsa, no chips), ketchup, pizza sauce. My then fiance got me an economy size salsa.

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