Bitter pill sweet poison

IMG_0025 sharmishtha 17.2.16 sm (1)By Guest Author Sharmishtha Basu
Listening to elders and seniors is a lesson you have been taught since childhood. This is what you should do. Everyone says so. This includes the wise and the shrewd; and they are right. When you are a kid, you really don’t know much about life; but you think you know a lot. At this age, it is good to blindly obey your elders unless, of course, they are asking you to jump off a cliff. In such a case, you need to first ask why!

As a young person, it is possible to meet elders who will try to manipulate you to do something wrong. You may fall into their trap, but if it is not something that is downright immoral, it may not do you much harm; and you should be able to get over the damage in later years.

However, children usually will not meet many potentially harmful adults if they are brought up in a normal family. A kid’s life mostly includes his parents, family, teachers and family friends. If the parents are cautious, much harm won’t be done on their children. If they are not, sooner or later the children will end up in big trouble. This may continue till they leave school. It is mostly in the later years of school that they are able to identify those adults who try to manipulate or misguide them.

That is the time you should start assessing the effects of their acts before following their guidelines blindly, after mid-teens it is wise to be a little judgmental when it comes to long-term things like your career or other serious issues. Because by that time you would have discovered that not all human beings are benevolent, irrespective of their age or their relationship with you. If you blindly follow them you are doomed. So be a bit judgmental when you are growing up.

When you are in your youth, you have already joined those who are grown up; so, listen to elders. You should be able to differentiate between good and bad, the bitter pill and sweet poison; if not you may only learn after you have swallowed a few!
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9 thoughts on “Bitter pill sweet poison

  1. Unfortunately here in Australia the media encourage children to be independent and think for themselves. Our laws say that their medical & government information can’t be accessed after they are 14 by their parents without their permission. There are some bad adults but we seem to be telling children especially in public schools that they don’t have to listen to any adults.

    • Well if they don’t listen to their parents they should not depend on their parents for anything. He that pays the piper calls the tune. If a child has reached the age of taking independent decisions the family home is not for them.

      • Fortunately my children still obey and respect adults and they go to a lovely church school that teaches values, manners and respect. My teenage daughter has lovely, caring respectful friends, and the boy she is dating and her friends’ boyfriends are very respectful and hold hands rather than the inappropriate behaviour my older daughter was exposed to in public school (she’s a good girl too but her friends were terrible).

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