Deeper than that

Fly high above the sky,

Not to escape but to feel freedom.

Break a heart not to hurt it,

But to break free from it.

Chase your dreams not to get lost,

But to build your reality.

Sketch your life not to play with it,

But to live it fully.

Shout loud and strong,

Not to be a nuisance but to free yourself.

Cry night long in sadness,

Not because ure lonely,

But because you need love.

Be shy not because it’s your nature,

But because you found your lover.

Be brave not because the world tells you to,

But because you were born a champion.

In everything you do, find a deeper meaning to it. It’s not just about what we may see, but what you feel and believe in. Exploit yourself and face life with bravery. You are stronger than what you think.😊

God bless. Yours truly, Sammy J

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